Since 2003 Savanna Energy provides end-to-end services in power generation, transmission, power distribution solution, and smart grid management solution. We provide customized turnkey solutions on EPC or investment bases.

Power Generation
Savanna is the ideal partner to offer a complete solution for all types of power generation as mentioned below depending on the energy sources by end user.

1. Tradition Power Generation:
  o Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation

2. Renewable/sustainable Power Generation:
  o Solar Electric Power Generation
  o Hydroelectric Power Generation
  o Wind Electric Power Generation
  o Nuclear Electric Power Generation
  o Biomass Electric Power Generation
  o Geothermal Electric Power Generation

Power Distribution and Power Transmission
We help our partners to have a reliable, secure, accessible and robust power transmission and distribution systems. Also, we help in improving the efficiency of current power transmission and distribution networks. So consequently, the triple line of sustainability will be met by bringing clear socioeconomic benefits to communities in cities and communities.