About Us

About Us

Savanna stretches as far as the eye can see—and beyond: located primarily in the ancient city of Baghdad, home to one of humanity’s earliest great civilizations, our branches have grown out of the rich land of Iraq: a tree that spans the historic port city of Basra in the South, to the vital trading city of Erbil in the North, our business covers the whole of Iraq.


Savanna has also set roots in new pastures: we have established a branch in Dubai in the UAE. This means that the vital hubs of Asia and the MENA region are within our easy reach, and demonstrates Savanna’s commitment to offering the best for your company wherever you are through our investment in the best satellite and communications technology available anywhere in the world.


At Savanna, we pride ourselves on our ability to supply our customers not just with precisely what they need to do their job better, but to do it with levels of service, delivery and overall satisfaction that are second-to-none. At Savanna, our talent is home grown; we nurture the best people and invest in their professionalism. We like to think that whatever it is that you need, you will always think Savanna as your first choice for growth.


We do not think that you should just take our word for it, too: Savanna now represents over 50 major international companies, whether manufacturers or suppliers, across Iraq, the Middle East, and beyond. Throughout Savanna’s history, we have always insisted on developing success through openness and cooperation with companies that can offer you the best solution to your business need not just once, but every time.


You can be sure that with Savanna, your need for speedy responses to your particular needs are dealt with quickly, professionally and efficiently through our dedicated communications network.