CEO Message

CEO Message

Thank you for visiting the Savanna Group site. I hope that what you have seen will help you to understand a little about who we are and how we work. Our concern at Savanna is to supply you with the products and services that you need for your business to be a complete success.


As we say in our vision and mission statement, ‘Your success is our business’, and this is why we pledge that Savanna will work tirelessly to ensure that you are happy with the quality and pricing we offer.


We are a growing company, and our success has been precisely due to our commitment to you, our existing clients. Without your insistence on coming back to us each and every time, we would not be where we are now.


To new and potential clients, please take a look at some of the companies who are working with us today, and read some of the testimonials that demonstrate what no words from me could convey: that we are a long-established and highly-trusted company that works tirelessly for you.


Basim Al Rawi

Chief Executive Officer & President